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About Us:

Sauna-Steam is a Mango Electronics web site.

Mango Electronics (ME) is a specialist spectrum reseller of high quality electrical items which are not easy to obtain ex-stock elsewhere, such as the sauna light fittings on this website; these are purposely designed for traditional sauna cabins, which requires a very high 125 degrees C, “F” rating for use on flammable surfaces. Some suppliers stock one or two types of these very specialist lights, but we stock over 30 different types, spanning at least five different European Union manufacturers!

ME is unlike other resellers because it has in-depth, specialist design expertise and fully understands all aspects of product design, implementation, quality, testing, installation and use and is happy to consider custom new designs, customised products or new product sourcing.

ME fully understands the pressures of trade suppliers in sourcing the correct product quickly and easily to satisfy the needs of their own customers and is happy to advise on this and to accept small and low value orders without a minimum order charge or MOQ stipulation.

ME has been an electrical and electronic design consultancy for over 25 years and specialises in bespoke industrial applications of very high power sources of AC voltage and current at mains and other frequencies, such as vibration test and production testing electricity meters, Hall-effect current transducers and multi-phase electrical relays. A range of OEM linear power amplifier modules was introduced for producing stable, clean power to safety-critical control systems and computers; hundreds of these are installed in Oil and Gas Fields and platforms all over the globe and none have ever failed!
ME designs and in-house manufactured products have all shown this genuine zero failure rate over their lifetime and this 100% reliability record has brought ME a sound reputation for top product quality and a low cost of ownership.

Around 1988 ME started to make new products, such as a patented high power omnidirectional hi-fi loudspeaker for swimming pools, then diversified to offer allied products made by others. These included underwater and environment proof lighting for swimming pools, water features, sauna cabins, steam rooms and outdoor or industrial use and also the electrical equipment and accessories for domestic and commercial saunas and steam rooms, such as the lava rock heaters and steam generators, etc. But only those products of the highest quality and reliability were selected, after rigorous evaluation, to ensure the established good name of ME was continued.

This brought new customers, especially from the electrical wholesale sector, who soon began to appreciate that ME actually stocked the specialist products offered, knew all about them technically and could offer free advice, a trade discount, fast delivery and spares.

2008 Developments
This site is one of several new cluster web sites ME is establishing to make it easier for the trade to quickly choose a suitable product for their own customer on-line, (and even be able to show them right at the trade counter if desired), then to enable fast, discounted ordering directly on-line, or via traditional faxed orders.
Consumers will also be able to purchase products direct, to be installed by qualified contractors in their employ.